My name is Sergio Iván.

  • I’m Engineer
  • I’m Researcher
  • I’m Teacher

The process

I remember many times opening things up with the idea of understanding, improving or merging them. The curiosity of the engineers or the nightmare of mom. The first computer I used was my aunt’s pc, with MS. Windows 3, and afterward other with Windows 95.

When I finished scholl I’ve studied Mechatronic as technical career since 2007 to 2009.

Later I started Electronic Engineering at District University. At same time I worked in a teacher possition.

After the engineer career I sudied a Teleinformatic Specialization.


Nowadays I’m developing a protein cluster for the coronaviridae family for my master’s degree project.

I’m learning about data science, django, selenium and biocomputational technologies for a future projects.